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Please let us know if you liked Premium Beef and Pork. Other customers have…

1. “The pork AND beef are wonderful. My new freezer is chocked full of meal delights. Sally and I have so many compliments when we have eaten the pork chops, bacon or brats…looking forward to trying the ham steaks. Additionally, the flavor of the beef is unmatched. The ground beef is so richly red and tasty. I want to tell you and your boys the same thing that I mentioned to Tony, ‘I hope I can be a continuous and long time customer.’ Please thank your boys for their hard work and making this the best pork we have ever tasted!” Steve M., Indiana

2. “The pork was very good.” Cecilia M., Indiana

3. “This pork is king’s food. You just can’t get any better than Premium Pork.” Craig N., California

4. “Tell the boys we had pork chops the other evening. They were really good and tender.” Marie K., Iowa

5. “The pork chops were really tender and juicy.” Heidi S., Indiana

6. “The bacon! The bacon is so good!” Abigail B., Indiana

7. “I had the boys’ brats yesterday. They were super good!” Ezra K., Iowa

8. “The bacon was phenomenal!” Phil M., California

9. “Oh my. The ham and smoked pork chops were sooooo good. Wow! They were just sooooo good!” Natalie M., California

10. “Those ham steaks were huge. I already ate one! Oh my…wow! Those smoked pork chops were amazing. That’s what everyone else is saying. They were so good.” Craig N., California

11. “So far we have had bacon and porkchops on the grill! both were excellent!” Rachel R., Indiana

12. “The ham steak was excellent. I kept eating it and I finished the entire ham steak. I feel great afterwards. I kept wanting to eat more and more. It was so good.” Rick D., California

13. “The pork was unbelievable. We could definitely taste the difference. It is so much better than we could get from the store.” Jessica W., Indiana

14. “The bacon is awesome!” Phil M., California

15. “Oh. Oh. Oh, my! The ham steaks and pork chops were out of this world.” Natalie M., California

16. “The pork was excellent! It was really good!” MaryBeth S., Ohio